cartoon of a spoiled whippet in pj's

How to care for your new Whippet

In purchasing your new whippet puppy be prepared for the first year to be like having a very mischievous toddler. Whippet puppies are notorious for being more rambunctious and troublemakers than most other breeds.

A consistent firm hand is needed. Also, puppy proofing your home is vital! Tuck away cords and any other objects you wouldn’t want your puppy to chew.

Always be mindful of the cold. Whippets do not do well in cold weather, a sweater or jacket is a must have.

whippet in a fancy jacket

A fenced area for play and exercise is important. Whippets have a strong chase instinct and need to be leashed all other times when NOT in a securely fenced area.

A crate or kennel is recommended to leave your puppy in when leaving the house. This way your pup is sure to be safe and not cause mischief while you are out.

If fed a balanced diet, given regular vaccinations and worming a whippet can live 12-15 years, some even longer. So prepare to have your new friend with you for along time.