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Here at Bartin Kennels we have tried MANY Dog formulated vitamins and supplements. There are so many things to consider when choosing any supplement. Price/Value, Safe Ingredients, palatability, Does the product work, etc. The process of researching, purchasing and testing a product can be very frustrating.

We are pleased to share with everyone a Canine Supplement and Company that we are very satisfied with! And the dogs love it!

Made in the U.S.A. NuVet® products are made in a FDA registered laboratory with natural ingredients specially compounded to deliver the most effective nutritional health benefits.

When raising your puppy you want to be sure they have all of the nutrients needed to grow and develop to their full potential.

Here are the NuVet supplements we give our growing pups and adults at Bartin Kennels:

The Essential Ingredients

The following text is taken from the NuVet Webpage

MSM supplies biologically active sulfur to animals’ joints. Use of MSM has been shown to reduce the rigidity of cells in the soft tissues of the body. By reducing this rigidity, fluids are able to pass more freely from the cell and this helps to reduce cell pressure.

Glucosamine provides the joints with the building blocks needed to for good health.. Acting as a catalyst, Glucosamine helps animals synthesize new cartilage caused by wear and tear. Hip and joint discomfort can happen when normal wear and tear break down cartilage.

Chondroitin attracts and holds fluid within cartilage tissue helping to lubricate joints and increase mobility. Chondroitin neutralizes the destructive enzymes that are known to damage and destroy cartilage. Chondroitin aids the entry of Glucosamine which is the building block of healthy joints.

Vitamin C plays a vital role by supporting immune function, helping white blood cells function normally, and it also promotes cartilage growth and tissue repair. Aging dogs may especially benefit as they become less proficient at producing their own supply of vitamin C.

Bartin’s Recomendation For Use

Directions – We recommend starting NuVet Joint Plus (Blue Bottle) at 8 weeks of age. This supplement can be given for life as it aids and supports joints not only through the skeletal growth phase. Just add the tablet in the bowl with your pups kibble and they will love it.

After 12 months of age your pup is ready to receive a more broad spectrum of healthy vitamins. This is when we start giving the NuVet Plus (Green Bottle) supplement in addition. These 2 supplements combined give your pup the best possible nourishment and defense against sickness, joint problems and cancer.

See info below on how to get started and order for your new family member! We hope you find these products as helpful as we do

Here is the active weblink to take you directly to NuVet to make your order. Don’t forget to checkout using your Bartin Kennels access code! 14538


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