Our Puppy Placement Process

When choosing your Whippet puppy we will always encourage you to consider temperament first above color or markings. We want this puppy to spend its whole life in your family and the key to that is choosing a puppy that will be a good fit in your home.

When you first contact us a few of the things we would like to know are:

-Have you owned a Whippet or Sighthound breed perviously?

We want to make certain that you know and understand the Whippet breed. That they are a uniqe breed the requires certain handling and percautions to be taken.

-Why are you interested in owning a Whippet?

We want to know that you have done your research and that you have an accurate notion of what a Whippet is. Also we want to know that this is not simply an impulsive decision

-Do you have any current dogs?

We want to be aware of the dogs you currently own, genders, altered or unaltered so as to aid in determining what gender and temperament of puppy would work best in your current pack

These questions and more are found in our Puppy Questionnaire (Please request by email and we will send to you) which we ask that you fill out and return. Your answers to our questions give us a good idea of the ideal puppy temperament to fit your family and lifestyle.

When it is determined that you indeed wish to purchase your next family member from BarTin Whippets and that one of our puppies would be a good addition to your home, we will send you our Puppy Purchase Agreement. Once we have both added our signature and initials, you will be asked to place your deposit ($500).

We give each of our Puppy Buyers an unmatched experience! You are involved from the day you sign our Puppy Purchase Agreement. For a lot of our buyers this is well before the breeding of Sire and Dam ever takes place. From pictures, updates on mom as her belly grows, pictures of puppies at birth, to videos of the puppies shortly after being born. You are involved from conception, birth, to the day he or she leaves to go home with you.

Picking your puppy can be done in person or remotely. Picking in person when circumstances allow is done when the puppies are 6 weeks old. You would come and make your selection and then return to take your puppy home when the puppy is 8 weeks of age. Picking your puppy remotely is made possible with the aid of weekly videos, pictures and temperament evaluation‘s. We can send videos of specific puppies that you are interested in seeing more of.

Buyers receive weekly photo shoot pictures of each puppy and weekly videos starting at four weeks old so that you can see the different temperament of each puppy. Our main goal is to have you feel as though you are here without being here in person. By the time the puppies reach 6-8 weeks old, you will have albums of pictures and videos to help you in your decision.

When puppies reach 6-8 (typically 8 weeks) weeks of age the choosing begins! All puppies are chosen in pick order (order of deposit). When it is your turn to pick you can request any pictures or videos needed to make your decision. We can even do a live video chat!

Any questions are very welcome! Please dont hesitate to reach out

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